If you have any questions about our services below, please feel free to request information from us.  We'll be happy to facilitate your needs.

Scheduled & Routed
Scheduled and routed delivery services are provided for time sensitive, locally recurring deliveries.  Pick-up and delivery schedules are tailored to the needs of each customer.  Route schedules and manifests are updated daily to ensure the needs of customers are continuously met.

Distribution services are provided for customers who have multiple deliveries ready at the same time each day.  This primarily involves bulk orders being picked-up and/or drop-shipped to one location. Upon staging, the deliveries are routed.  The routes are then assigned to drivers for delivery to the final destination; delivery times are specified by the customer.

On Demand Services
ASAP - 45 Minute delivery window
Priority - 90 Minute delivery window
Regular - 2-1/2 hour delivery window
All Day - Call by 9:00 a.m., Deliver by 4:00 p.m.
* Additional drive time may be added for longer distances

Dedicated vehicle services are provided for customers who need a vehicle and driver for a specific task. Drivers arrive at a precise location at a time specified by the customer and work until the assignment is completed.

15 foot and 24 foot straight trucks are available to accommodate pallet and skid deliveries.

Medical Specimen & Sample Distribution
This service is ideal for customers in the medical industry to ensure they remain in accordance with federal regulations while transporting hazardous material.   All of our associates are extensively trained upon hire and thoroughly tested in their knowledge to ensure they are aware of proper handling procedures.   Our clients are extremely confident in our organization's understanding and practice of transporting material of this nature.

Next Flight Out
Next Flight Out is a service that allows our customers to take advantage of the national commercial air traffic system in order to send cargo shipments anywhere in the nation while adhering to all the Transportation Security Administration’s guidelines.  CSL will take care of all the legwork to get your package from the shipping point to the recipient anywhere in the country.

Facilities Management
Facilities management services can be provided for customers with substantial internal and local delivery requirements.   These services typically include: on-site supervision by CS, management of delivery logistics, mail and package sorting, desktop delivery (within the facility) and local delivery (outside the facility).

Indirect Air Carrier Service (IAC)
IAC service allows us to service customers whose shipping needs include transportation to commercial airlines as well as to cargo carriers and charter services.  CS Logistics, Inc. has completed extensive training and has received the required clearances to work with known shippers across the nation to ship cargo anywhere necessary via next flight out.

Holiday Service
Holidays are disruptive for many businesses.  CS knows from experience that some of your customers and suppliers will have extraordinary needs during this time.  CS plans for this and schedules extra back-up associates to insure your needs are met.

Notary Public
A number of our drivers and office staff have been trained and certified as Notary Publics to provide additional service to our customers.  An associate will arrive at a specified location to deliver a certified Notary Public signature and stamp.

If you have any questions about our services below, please feel free to request information from us.  We'll be happy to facilitate your needs.

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